1095 Ave. of the Americas

1095 Avenue of the Americas Leasing Office

Complete interior on-site environment featuring vinyl wall graphics, framed C-prints and light boxes to facilitate the lease of full floors of 1095 Avenue of the Americas. The building was undergoing a complete resurfacing of the exterior. The framed wall graphics include renderings of the new building inside and out, a stacking plan and multiple floor plans. A map was also included to showcase the building’s pivotal location and proximity to The Port Authority, Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station. Along the main hall is a dynamic stretch that features wall graphics of the building logo and 3 flat screen TVs that played promotional & informational pieces the words Productivity, Proximity and Prominence are interspersed between. At the end of the hall is a dramatic rendering of the new building enclosed in a lightbox.


1095 Avenue of the Americas


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